Welcome to Echoes. We are a mission service organisation, based in Bath, UK. We exist to advance the work of mission globally and see individuals and communities impacted by the Gospel.  We do this by partnering with local churches, cross-cultural mission workers, and indigenous people whose ultimate goal is to proclaim God's love in Christ and demonstrate this through loving service by a variety of means in different circumstance across the world.


  • The Hidden Poor - Jakarta

    The Hidden Poor - Jakarta

    The Hidden Poor - Jakarta

    Simply going from one side of the street to the other, turning a corner or opening a door, can reveal a very different world. From the regeneration areas of London to the urban hubs of Jakarta, Hidden People are everywhere.


  • Yukpa Indians, Colombia

    Yukpa Indians, Colombia

    by Carl R. Lehmann

    During the Spanish conquest of Colombia, the indigenous peoples were cruelly enslaved. Spaniards pillaged their treasures and forced them to build the great San Felipe fortress on the north coast, where they amassed gold and emeralds, stolen from the tribes. Today this is the main tourist attraction in Cartagena, Colombia.


  • Medical Mission work in Rural Africa

    Medical Mission work in Rural Africa

    by David McAdam

    It is night time. All around, the village is in darkness and everyone has gone to bed. However, Chitokoloki Mission Hospital is still brightly lit, humming with activity and full to overflowing. In every ward all the beds are occupied. The entire floor area is carpeted with mattresses, each with a patient and perhaps a relative as well. You can hear a medley of languages: Bemba, Chokwe, Luchazi, Lunda, Luvale, Portuguese and occasionally English, as patients and relatives converse.


  • Personal Evangelism in France

    Personal Evangelism in France

    Janice Duffin

    French culture and mentality in the 21st century have been shaped by several revolutions, dating back to the Enlightenment in the 18th century. This philosophical movement promoted science, knowledge and intellectual exchange as a means to overcome superstition and intolerance, particularly relating to church and state. A fiercely critical spirit, a tendency to question before accepting, and a freethinking and individualistic approach to life, are some of the consequences attributed to this period.


  • Bhutan - An Exotic Country in Need of The Gospel

    Bhutan - An Exotic Country in Need of The Gospel

    by Dr Johnson C. Philip and Dr Saneesh Cherian

    Bhutan is a small landlocked country to the north-east of India, which has maintained a good political relationship with the UK since the early 20th Century. In 2006, a survey indicated that Bhutan was the happiest country in Asia and eighth happiest in the world. Yet, this country does not grant any kind of freedom to Christians.




Nineteen residents have been killed in a knife attack at a care centre for people with mental disabilities in Sagamihara, city in north-central Kanagawa Prefecture, bordering Tokyo. A local man has admitted to the attacks and has been arrested.


A priest has been killed in an attack by two armed men at his church near Rouen, north France. The men entered the church during mass on 26th July, taking the priest, two nuns and several churchgoers hostage. Both hostage-takers are also dead.


Forty-four people have been killed in a double bombing in Kurdish-controlled Qamishli, north-east Syria on 27 June 2016. Explosives in a truck and a motorbike were detonated near a Kurdish security headquarters.


At least 60 people have been killed in an earthquake in central Italy. The magnitude 6.2 quake hit at 03:36 (01:36 GMT), 100km north-east of Rome, not far from Perugia. Many of those who died were in Accumoli, close to the epicentre, and a short distance away in Amatrice, where three-quarters of houses were destroyed.


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Europe continues to be a continent of challenge and contrast. Its social and spiritual needs are complex. Despite today's ease of travel, many of us are still unfamiliar with some areas of Europe.




FirstServe is a unique discipleship and missions programme, primarily for 18-25 year-olds on a gap year, or those with a shorter time available. Looking to make a difference on your gap year? Visit: www.first-serve.org.uk


Echoes mission workers are based in different countries all around the world, committing their lives full time to God, and are involved in a variety of projects to show His love to the communities in which they live. Please visit our Latest News page to follow weekly updates on how you can be praying specifically for these workers.

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