Welcome to Echoes. We are a mission service organisation, based in Bath, UK. We exist to advance the work of mission globally and see individuals and communities impacted by the Gospel.  We do this by partnering with local churches, cross-cultural mission workers, and indigenous people whose ultimate goal is to proclaim God's love in Christ and demonstrate this through loving service by a variety of means in different circumstance across the world.


  • Reaching Europe

    Reaching Europe

    by Adi Harris

    Europe is no longer the great sending force of world mission it once was, and evangelical believers in Europe are now outnumbered by the former receiving countries in the Global South. We must come to terms with the stark reality that Europe is the spiritually dark continent of our world.



    Sudanese Displaced Children's Learning Centre

    by Rebecca Atallah

    Alzalal's face was sad as she described her situation. She and her nine children escaped to Cairo from the Nuba Mountains in Sudan a couple of years previously. Her husband had been murdered by Sudanese soldiers carrying out ethnic cleansing in their area with thousands of other men and boys.


  • The Hui

    Focus on the Hui

    The Hui people form the third largest of the 55 recognised minority groups in China. They are the largest of the Muslim groups, numbering over 11 million people. Geographically dispersed, Hui communities can be found in both rural and urban settings throughout China. Over one-sixth of the total Hui population is found in Ningxia Province.


  • South-East Asia

    Child Exploitation and Trafficking in South-East Asia

    by Glenn Miles

    It is impossible to ascertain the precise extent of child sexual exploitation in South-East Asia due to its covert nature, but it involves tens of thousands of young women and men. Although children as young as five have been rescued from brothels, the majority are teenagers and many start working shortly after puberty. While some are tricked into prostitution, many of these teenagers are aware they are entering prostitution but feel a strong sense of obligation to help their families and see it as the only option available to them. Initially, many are unaware of just how serious the consequences can be: HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, violence from clients, stigma from the community, etc.


  • North Korea

    Has God forgotten North Korea?

    by Robert MacAlvin

    On 19th December 2011, the world was startled by the announcement that Kim Jong-il, 'The Dear Leader' of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) - North Korea's official name, had died of a heart attack two days earlier. This was the man, the second-generation dictator, who ruled for 17 years and defied global condemnation to build nuclear weapons, while 2 million people died from starvation. However, he stuck unswervingly to theJuche(self-reliance) ideology introduced by his late father, and propagated thesongun(army first) principle.




Reports have stated that the cause of the AirAsia flight crash on 28 December was that the jet climbed too fast and encountered difficulties from an approaching storm. There were no survivors from the plane crash and only 53 bodies have been recovered.


Islamist rebels have killed at least five people in an attack on the Malian town of Nampala. The rebels raided the town at dawn and it is unclear as to whether the Malian army attempted to protect the town.


A Marxist group which has been banned in Turkey has admitted it was responsible for the suicide bomb attack in Istanbul on Tuesday, which killed a police officer. The attack was against a police station and another police officer was injured in the bombing.


Mission News from around the globe

The Arab World & The Middle East

Tension and conflict continues in various parts of the Arab World and the Middle East where Christians are under pressure from the majority religion and the church operates with sensitivity in its witness. The region also contain some of the most impenetrable nations for the gospel. In the 2014 Echoes magazine we report on the church and highlight mission issues from this part of the world.


This gap year programme for students aged 18-25, has just taken on three FirstServers who will be going overseas the beginning of next year. Catch the excitement of their mission experience by reading their blogs on the FirstServe website: http://first-serve.org.uk/

Haiti – Earthquake & Recovery

Following the worse earthquake to hit Haiti in 200 years, Echoes sent funds for emergency medical relief and for feeding programmes.

Over the last 19 months £200,000 of relief funds has been made available for house building, the provision of clean water for schoolchildren and for trauma counselling through which over 200 people have become Christians.

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Haiti Update

John Aitken and Andy Street travelled to Haiti in November 2011 to report on the distribution of relief funds sent following the earthquake in 2010. They returned with many stories and photos which they would like to share with your church. If you are interested in hearing about the situation and getting to know some of the work there so that your church can continue to support the Haitians through prayer, please get in contact with the Echoes office and let us know.

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