Welcome to Echoes. We are a mission service organisation, based in Bath, UK. We exist to advance the work of mission globally and see individuals and communities impacted by the Gospel.  We do this by partnering with local churches, cross-cultural mission workers, and indigenous people whose ultimate goal is to proclaim God's love in Christ and demonstrate this through loving service by a variety of means in different circumstance across the world.


  • Paraná

    Work in Paraná

    by Jim Burnett

    We settled in Paraná in January 1978, fulfilling our desire to work in one of the five north-eastern provincial capitals where assembly testimony had been practically non-existent. We were suddenly on our own.


  • Dentists

    Dentists with a Gospel Heart

    by Paul and Beth Brind

    Tanzania has been greatly impacted by the gospel since the beginning of the modern missionary movement more than 200 years ago. As faithful servants of God proclaimed the good news, many people in this vast country believed and became followers of Jesus. Dr David Livingstone, the pioneer missionary, travelled throughout the country in the 1860s. On his travels he visited Mwanza, a large town on the southern shore of Lake Victoria. Almost 150 years later Mwanza became our home, as we followed God’s call to serve and build His Kingdom in this part of Tanzania.


  • Transitioning

    Transitioning in Clermont-Ferrand

    by Bob Souza

    The beginnings of the work in Clermont-Ferrand (Clermont) can be traced back to the early decades of the 20th century. The open-air and tent work of René Zinder, a Swiss evangelist, was used by God to bring together the nucleus of believers who would form the local church. The church remained small but maintained its witness through what we would call the ‘ghetto years’, that long period in the 20th century when evangelical Christians in France were marginalised and looked upon with suspicion by the general population.


  • The Sending of Mission Workers

    The Sending of Mission Workers

    by Ian Burness

    One of the most important tasks a local church may be asked to perform, is to release and commend one of their members to God's service. This may be done well, with adequate time given for prayer, assessment and waiting on the guidance of the Holy Spirit for confirmation. When the process is done poorly, without sufficient consideration, it can result in serious consequences for all involved, and potential damage to the work on the field.


  • A Vision Through L'Eau Vive

    A Vision Through L'Eau Vive

    by Dr Briand and Hélène Tatford

    When we started working in Lille, among young people who had never even had a Bible in their hands, it meant seeking to be articulate to their generation. Young people in France don't feel at ease with a rigid programme, they prefer spontaneity.




A military operation has been launched by the Iraqi government against Islamic State (IS). The aim of the operation is to recapture the hometown of Saddam Hussein, Tikrit, from IS. The government has claimed that its forces are moving into the city, aided by airstrikes from Iraqi fighter jets.


Hundreds of boys have been kidnapped in South Sudan and forced to become soldiers. Witnesses have reported that boys as young as 12 have been seen carrying guns. The kidnappings are thought to have been carried out by a militia group allied to the government.


Afghanistan has been hit by enormous avalanches falling in the Panjshir Valley. Latest figures show that 286 people have died due to either snow or flooding. Many people are still feared to remain trapped in the snow.


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Hidden People

There are groups of people and areas of the world that have never heard of Christ or of His love for them. During 2015 the Echoes magazine is focusing on opportunities to reach these hidden people and exploring how the church is growing among these communities. 




FirstServe is a unique discipleship and missions programme, primarily for 18-25 year-olds on a gap year, or those with a shorter time available. Looking to make a difference on your gap year? Visit: www.first-serve.org.uk


Echoes mission workers are based in different countries all around the world, committing their lives full time to God, and are involved in a variety of projects to show His love to the communities in which they live. Please visit our Latest News page to follow weekly updates on how you can be praying specifically for these workers.

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